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NORM Worker Training

ALARA's NORM Worker Training is intended for workers who will be working with NORM or NORM contaminated equipment.

The NORM worker training is comprised of two modules:

  • Module 1 is the NORM Awareness Training where the learner is provided a basic overview of what NORM is, its hazards, and how to protect themselves.
  • Module 2 covers basic safe work practices, including what PPE to use and what procedures should be implemented.

After completing ALARA's NORM Worker Training, the learner will know:

  1. Common NORM collection points in the oil & gas industry
  2. The difference between NORM exposures from sealed and unsealed equipment
  3. Typical PPE requirements for the different NORM areas
  4. Basic NORM procedures and how to prevent the spread of contamination, including:
    • NORM training
    • Screening of Equipment
    • NORM signage
    • NORM areas and flagging
    • Tagging NORM Equipment
    • Sealing Open Equipment
    • NORM change tents
    • Frisking of tools for contamination
    • Frisking of workers for contamination
    • Decontamination of workers
    • Basic radiation hygiene
NORM Worker Training
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